LIVIA RADU KERR, The Artist's Statement

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Nature is my inspiration. When I create art, I like to separate color and texture from external references and let it become a subject for art.

In my paintings I don’t always know where I’m going or how my artwork will turn out. But I’ve learned to follow my inspiration, the emotional stage I’m in and experiment with my brushes in oil and acrylic paints on canvas with lots of texture by embracing and trusting the process in my art to take me to the concept I dream of.


Livia Radu Kerr is a Bucharest, Romania born artist currently based in Auburn, California working in oil and acrylic on textured canvas.

Internally driven and emotionally charged, Livia's paintings have been described as "bold and powerful". She started painting from her heart and her enthusiasm for life. 

Livia’s passions are translated into art. Equine life being one of them. Her admiration for horses with their distinct personality and theatrical expressiveness inspire her artistic soul and creates fuel for her art.

Abstract, organic shaped, free form compositions, represent a big part of her work, as nature is yet another one of her passions. She separates color and texture from all external references and lets it become a subject for art. Livia likes to place emphasis on composition and emotion translating mood into paint, aiming to provoke an emotional response in the viewer. 

Playing with shadows and light, metallic foil, modeling paste for texture and depth, and other mixed media that she finds inspiring, Livia brings her paintings to life. Beside equestrian art, Livia Radu Kerr enjoys painting abstract art, landscape, birds and flowers.


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