Artist Portrait
Livia Kerr, a self-taught fine artist originally from Bucharest, Romania, has firmly established her creative roots in Auburn, California, where she passionately pursues her craft. 

Nestled in the heart of downtown Auburn, her art studio serves as a vibrant sanctuary for artistic exploration. 

Specializing in oil and acrylic painting, Livia finds inspiration in the rich tapestry of nature, evident in her diverse portfolio that spans abstract art, expansive landscapes, marine-themed masterpieces, sailboats navigating vast horizons, and the delicate allure of hummingbirds and flowers. Her work reflects a harmonious blend of emotion and technique, capturing the essence of her artistic soul.

Livia's artistic journey has graced the walls of prominent galleries, including showcases in the Bay Area, Placer County, and Nevada City. With each stroke, she invites viewers to traverse the landscapes of her imagination, where open spaces, marine vistas, and the vibrant hues of flora and fauna converge in a celebration of visual storytelling.

KONA, The Muse

Meet Kona, my sidekick and muse. She makes me laugh and teaches me unconditional love every day. Kona adores chicken treats, sprinting around, giving out big hugs to everyone we cross paths with on our daily strolls, and napping like a pro.

Golden Doodle Pup Playing in a field of wildflowers